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Pelmets to style your truck amazingly

Are you a proud driver and want to give your truck a personal touch? Then Truckjunkie is the right place for you. In our range, you will find a wide collection of window pelmets in various colors. The pelmets come with a Velcro fastening system and have beautiful fringes on both sides. Choose the window pelmet that perfectly fits your truck!

What are the benefits of window pelmets?

Window pelmets have a number of practical advantages:

  • Extra protection against the sun;
  • Add a personal touch to your cabin;
  • Provide a stylish addition.
  • Choose a unique window pelmet for your truck

Our window pelmets are not only stylish but also unique. You can customize the colors of the pelmet for your truck: choose the color of the pelmet or the plush, the color of the fringes, and the length of the fringes, and then order a pelmet that is completely adapted to your style. The possibilities are endless.

Not sure which color pelmet fits your truck? Then first order our curtain fabric samples. This way, you can be sure that you choose the color that suits you best.

Installing your window pelmet in your truck

Our front window pelmets come with a Velcro fastening system, so you can easily install each window pelmet in your truck. Is the Velcro not sticking well anymore? No worries. At Truckjunkie, we value sustainability. That's why you will find a hook tape in our range that you can perfectly use as a replacement part. This way, you can rehang your front window pelmets without having to order completely new ones.

Deluxe window pelmets made of high-quality fabric

Our deluxe window pelmets are made of high-quality suede. To keep the pelmet in top condition, it is preferable to take the pelmets to a professional dry cleaner and specifically ask for a dry cleaning that does not damage the fabric. Do not wash your window pelmets in a washing machine! Hand washing is possible at a low temperature.

Luxury window pelmets with plush from Truckjunkie

Our plush window pelmets are made of high-quality Danish plush (a plush of high quality). Therefore, take these pelmets to a professional dry cleaner and ask for a dry cleaning that does not damage the fabrics.

Why order a window pelmet for your truck from Truckjunkie?

Buying your window pelmets at Truckjunkie has several advantages:

Competitive prices;
Fast delivery;
Pickup possible.


Looking for curtains for your truck?

At Truckjunkie, you will find not only a good-looking window pelmet for your truck, but also luxury curtains. Visit our curtains page for luxury side curtains or to order a combination of a side curtain and a window pelmet for your truck.

Truckjunkie: We share your passion!

Hit the road in style with the window pelmets from Truckjunkie. Have any questions? Please contact us! Send an email to or call +31 (0)492 - 34 79 37.

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