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A nice truck cannot do without a nice smell in the cabin. Our range of air fresheners of brands such as Poppy and Arbre Magique, our own limited edition Truckjunkie Air Fresheners and Magic Clips Coconut and Vanilla make sure your truck cabin smells great from the inside.

Choice Arbre Magique and Poppy

In our webshop you can choose from different types of air fresheners and scent hangers. We offer, among others, the well-known scents of Arbre Magique, the well-known fragrant pine tree for the rear-view mirror. And you can also get everything from Poppy Grace Mate air fresheners from us. From the air freshener brand Poppy we have just about all the fragrances in stock. You can choose from the Poppy scent pendants to hang on the interior mirror and the Grace Mate Poppy scent bottles for your dashboard panel.
For the Poppy scent bottles we also have the matching Poppy Leds of for example the famous brand Ledson in our webshop. From these Poppy Leds we also have all the electrical connections in stock: the USB connection, the direct connection to 10-40 Volt and the connection to the 12 Volt cigarette lighter.

Truckjunkie air fresheners

Truckjunkie would not be Truckjunkie if we did not have our own scent hanger. Our scent hanger is available in Limited Edition. Give your truck cabin a nice smell with the Truckjunkie Air Fresheners.

Magic clips

Prefer not to swing your rear view mirror and have limited space on your dashboard, but do you want a nice fragrance in your truck? Then choose Magic Clips in the popular fragrances Coconut or Vanilla. The Magic Clips are simply attached to the air grille and a subtle scent is continuously emitted.

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