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Air fresheners for your truck

A nice truck can’t do without a pleasant smell inside its cabin. Our range of air fresheners by brands such as Arbre Magique and our own limited edition Truckjunkie air fresheners will make your truck cabin smell great. When you hit the road, your truck will be smelling like roses!


Which air freshener will you choose?

In our shop, you will find several kinds of air fresheners and scented hangers for your truck. Among others, we offer the scents by Arbre Magique - those all too familiar pine trees you can hang from your rear-view mirror.


Truckjunkie’s scented hangers

Truckjunkie would not be Truckjunkie if we did not carry our own brand of air fresheners. Our air fresheners are a limited edition brand, which means you can find them nowhere else on the internet; only in our shop! Do you want to buy the best-smelling scented hangers for any truck? Choose our Truckjunkie limited edition scented hangers.


Where can you find air fresheners by Poppy?

Are you looking for air fresheners by Poppy? Please visit our Poppy webpage. You’ll find that we carry nearly every scent, including but not limited to strawberry, cherry and lavender. Will you choose Poppy’s air fresheners or the Grace Mate Poppy scent bottles?

Of course, we also carry Poppy-LEDs with varying types of electrical connections. You will find them with the rest of our Poppy collection.

We share your passion

Our air fresheners and scented hangers will give your truck cabin the nice smell you’ve been searching for. Any questions? Please contact us at

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