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Poppy Grace Mate

Air fresheners, scent hangers, and more

Want your truck's interior to smell fantastic? Looking for a scent that sticks around without breaking the bank? Well, guess what? At Truckjunkie, we've got a whole bunch of air fresheners and scent hangers from the ever-popular brand Poppy Grace Mate. Whether it's those Poppy-scented hangers for your rearview mirror or the Grace Mate Poppy scent bottles for your dashboard, we've got everything you need. So go ahead, grab yourself the ideal truck fragrance or air freshener and savor a laid-back drive in your truck.


Why choose a Poppy air freshener or scent hanger for your truck?

  • Enjoy a perpetually fresh truck;
  • Easily attachable to your dashboard with double-sided tape;
  • Adjust the fragrance intensity according to your preference;
  • Lasts 3 to 6 months;
  • Elevate the experience with the Poppy LED by Ledson.

Discover Poppy Grace Mate.

Poppy Grace Mate is the go-to air freshener for every trucker. The brand hails from Japan, where it was developed in the 1970s as the popularity of car ownership was on the rise. Thanks to a successful TV commercial featuring a well-known Japanese comedian, Poppy gained immense popularity in Southeast Asia and eventually made its way to Europe, where truckers in particular embraced the brand with open arms.

Poppy Grace Mate is a hit all around the globe, but it's got a special place in the hearts of European fans. Wondering why? Well, it's all about the top-notch quality and the large array of scents, no doubt! Take a peek at what we've got in store:

Poppy Air Fresheners

When it comes to air fresheners, Grace Mate Poppy reigns supreme among truckers worldwide. Just place a 150-milliliter air freshener, and voilà, your truck is filled with a delightful aroma – think citrus, lavender, or vanilla. Your truck is always smelling on point.

Poppy Scent Hangers

The same fantastic scents, but hanging from your rearview mirror. Poppy scent hangers not only add flair to your ride but also fill the air with robust fragrances like strawberry, hibiscus, or jasmine.

Poppy Gadgets

Give your truck a dash of personality with some cool gadgets! Think Poppy LED lights that'll make your bottle shine.


Why order Poppy products from Truckjunkie?

When you purchase your Poppy products from Truckjunkie, you'll enjoy several benefits:Strakke prijzen;
  • Competitive prices;
  • Fast delivery;
  • Option for pickup if you’re driving through the Netherlands
  • Fourteen days to change your mind after purchase.

Looking for some other cool scents?

Are you all revved up to pick your ultimate air freshener or truck scent hanger? In our online store, you'll find plenty more air fresheners and scent hangers that can transform your truck into a wonderfully fragrant ride. Think about the potent scents from Arbre Magique or our very own Truckjunkie label.

Check out our air fresheners and scent hangers


We share your passion!

Hit the road with a roar by using a Poppy Grace Mate air freshener or scent hanger. Got questions? Feel free to reach out! Send an email to or send us a WhatsApp message at  +316 - 24 85 61 99.


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