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Spotlights for your truck

Are you a proud trucker and want to drive safely and in style with your truck on any terrain? Then Truckjunkie is the right place for you. In our range, you will find a wide collection of spotlights in various colors and sizes. On dark roads and terrains, you will always see where you are going. Our spotlights can be mounted on top of your roof bar or cabin and add a personal touch to your truck. Choose the best spotlights for your truck!

What are the benefits of spotlights?

  • Improved visibility: Spotlights make your truck more visible to other road users;
  • Greater illumination range: Spotlights reach further than standard headlights, allowing you to see more;
  • Better visibility in bad weather: Spotlights reduce the effects of fog, rain, and snow;
  • Flexible adjustment: The direction of the spotlight beam can be adjusted to current driving conditions;
  • Stylish: Spotlights are a stylish addition to your truck. You'll stand out!

What is the difference between fog lights and LED spotlights?

A spotlight is a more powerful variant of a fog light. The beam from a spotlight is about as wide as that of a fog light, but almost twice as high. This makes spotlights particularly suitable for trucks, as the driver sits high. Not sure if you're holding a fog light or a spotlight? Then you can check the code on the lamp. If the code starts with a letter (usually B or F), it is a fog light. If you see no letter, it is a spotlight.

Where are spotlights useful?

Spotlights are very useful at construction sites, where lighting is often insufficient and access roads are unreliable. But drivers in all sectors can benefit from these lights. A spotlight also provides great lighting for drivers who drive at night on deserted, dark, and possibly foggy roads. Keep in mind that a spotlight is high beam. Therefore, you should not have spotlights on when there are oncoming vehicles.

The different types of spotlights from Truckjunkie

Spotlights are not only functional, they are also a striking accessory for your truck. At Truckjunkie, therefore, you will find spotlights in various colors, including options with blue, yellow, and clear glass. Our spotlights are from high-quality brands such as LEDSON, Strands, and OMNIUS.

Looking for other lighting products?

At Truckjunkie, you will find not only cool spotlights for your truck but also other luxury lighting. Visit our lighting page for double burners, LED lamps, and much more.

Truckjunkie: We Share Your Passion!

Hit the road in style with the spotlights from Truckjunkie. Have questions? Then contact us! Send an email to or call +31 (0)492 - 34 79 37.

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