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Michelin figures, a must-have for every trucker

When giving your truck a personal touch, the Michelin man shouldn't be left out. Whether you're into the old-school version or prefer showcasing an ultra-modern Michelin figure on your truck, you're in the right place at Truckjunkie! Our range includes Bibendum figures, stickers, and pins. Want to know more about the Michelin figure? Discover all you need to know about our beloved Bibendum on this page.

Who is Bibendum?

Bibendum (or 'Bib') is the mascot of the French brand Michelin. Bibendum, also known as ‘Michelin man’, first appeared in 1898 on an advertising poster, raising a glass full of nails and glass shards. The poster read (in French): "To your health, the Michelin tire drinks down the obstacle[s]!"

Michelin Bibendum oude slogan

Since then, the Michelin man has been used in various advertising campaigns and has become hugely popular, especially in Europe. Among truckers, the Michelin man has become a real hit and turned into a collectible item. You'll find him on many trucks and in many cabins.

The Michelin figure: then and now

Over the years, the Michelin man has changed quite a bit. On the first poster, he was a true Michelin man: a rather hefty older guy. He even wore glasses! But on his hundredth birthday (1998), Bib decided he needed to slim down. Since then, you'll see him as a slimmer figure with a younger look. His new image was well received, as in 2000, the Michelin figure was chosen as the best logo of the twentieth century.


Find the new Michelin man at Truckjunkie

We offer the modern Michelin man in our range. For the exterior of your truck, we recommend our limited edition Michelin man. Inside your cabin, the smaller version of Bibendum fits right in. Of course, you'll want to place your Michelin figure properly. That's why we offer various figure stands in our webshop.

Why order a Michelin figure from Truckjunkie?

When you get your Bibendum from us, you'll experience the following benefits:
  • Competitive prices;
  • Fast delivery;
  • Pick-up possible at the shop in North Brabant.

Looking for other truck accessories?

At Truckjunkie, you'll find not only Michelin figures but also other cool accessories for inside and outside your truck. Give your truck its unique look with products from Truckjunkie!
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Truckjunkie: We share your passion!

Hit the road in style with our Michelin figures. Have questions? Get in touch with us! Send an email to or call +31 (0)492 - 34 79 37.

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