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Mud flaps for your truck

Are you looking for mud flaps to keep your truck clean? After going through the car wash, you naturally want to keep your truck shining as long as possible! With the mud flaps from our assortment, you keep all the dirt, road salt, and water that splashes up from the road at bay, so your truck stays spic and span.

What are mud flaps?

Mud flaps - also known as mud guards - are rubber or plastic flaps that you attach to the front and back of your truck. They stop splashing dirt, stones, and water and in this way not only protect your truck but also all the cars around you. To comply with traffic regulations, your mud flap must be in good condition. Is one of your mud flaps in need of replacement? Buy a new mud flap at Truckjunkie!

Why mud flaps?

  • Stop splashing water and dirt;
  • Prevent damage from stones;
  • Protect your truck;
  • Protect the cars in front and behind you;
  • Are legally required.

When do you need new mud flaps?

Do you have a new truck or are you going to buy one? Usually, mud flaps are already installed and you don't have to worry about them. But unfortunately, your mud flaps won't last forever - they eventually wear out. This is due to the weather, road conditions, and normal use. Therefore, check each mud flap regularly. If you see cracks or damage, it's time to replace your mud flaps.

If you need to replace your mud flaps, order them from Truckjunkie. In our webshop, you will find mud flaps from several major brands. In addition, you will find our limited edition Truckjunkie mud flaps and mud flaps with a custom design. Place a mud flap with unique texts on your truck!


Mud flaps from popular truck brands

Are you looking for mud flaps from a popular truck brand? In our range, you will find:

Stiholt mud flaps;
Scania mud flaps;
Volvo mud flaps;
Daf mud flaps.

Truckjunkie Mud Flaps

Truckjunkie wouldn't be Truckjunkie if you couldn't buy our unique Truckjunkie mud flaps from us. You won't find these mud flaps in any other webshop. With limited edition Truckjunkie mud flaps, you hit the highway in style.

Custom Design Mud Flaps

With your vehicle, you want to be able to show off. That's why you can also have mud flaps with a custom design made at Truckjunkie with your own saying or logo in all colors! Custom design mud flaps are made of sturdy plastic and have a high-quality and durable ink print. No stickers!

Since custom mud flaps are specially made for your truck, the delivery time is a maximum of three weeks.

Order Mounting Brackets at Truckjunkie

When you order mud flaps for your truck at Truckjunkie, they are delivered without mounting materials. Therefore, also order your mounting brackets from us. No drilling is required with our mounting brackets, and bolts are not visible.

Why order mud flaps for your truck at Truckjunkie?

āœ” Guaranteed fast shipping;
āœ” Pickup possible (with photo opportunity);
āœ” Competitive prices;
āœ” Extensive assortment;
āœ” 14 days to change your mind.

All Your Truck Accessories at Truckjunkie: We Share Your Passion

At Truckjunkie, you'll find everything for your truck. From lighting to air fresheners to merchandise, our webshop is the one-stop-shop for drivers and truck enthusiasts. So are you looking for cool gadgets for your truck? Then contact us or check out our extensive assortment.

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