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A real upgrade for your truck can be achieved with nice, clean curtains and window pelmets. With Truckjunkie's window decoration, your truck will look beautiful and homely both outside and inside. In addition, you can also purchase matching cushions with which you can add that extra bit of luxury to your truck interior.

Curtains and Window pelmets

The curtains and window drapes consist of a double fabric and are 100% blackout. The outside of the curtains is made of plush and the inside of the curtains is made of a suede-look textile. The hanging strap (the strap with which you tie the curtains together) is made of the same plush as the outside of the curtains. The colors of the curtains and window pelmets you can choose and put together yourself. So the curtain set always matches the rest of your truck interior.

Combi Deal: curtains and window pelmets as a set

If you need both curtains and window pelmets, choose our combi deal. This way, you can be sure of the same look and the high quality of Truckjunkie. After all, you don't want any color differences. The curtains and windscreen straps in the combi deals come from the same textile production, so there is no difference in quality or color. This also applies to our matching cushions.

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