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Truck curtains, window pelmets, and other accessories

They are practically essential for your truck: curtains. Truck curtains not only create a cosy atmosphere but also offer remarkable functionality. That's why Truckjunkie offers premium side curtains, top-notch window pelmets, and convenient tiebacks. Your curtains will complement your truck's interior flawlessly since you can select the colours of the curtains, window pelmets, tiebacks, and even the fringes according to your own preferences.


The advantages of truck curtains:

  • Curtains offer added protection against the sun or other external lighting;
  • Window pelmets introduce a stylish element;
  • Curtains enhance privacy within your cabin;
  • Curtains add a personal touch to your truck cabin.

Custom truck curtains for your cabin interior

At Truckjunkie, the curtains you purchase always perfectly complement your cabin's interior. The options are virtually limitless. You can select the colours of your truck curtains, window pelmets, tiebacks, and even the fringes to suit your personal preferences. There's no such thing as too bold a colour combination! Furthermore, you can choose from various materials, including top-quality Danish plush and suede fabric. Nevertheless, all our curtains share one crucial feature: they keep the sun out!

Installing curtains in your truck

Our window pelmets include a Velcro attachment system, simplifying the process of securing each pelmet in your cabin. The curtains are delivered without hooks and runners, but you can conveniently find these in our webshop, starting at only €12.95.

Hooks and runners


Are truck curtains machine washable?

Truckjunkie's truck curtains are crafted from high-quality fabric and Danish plush. These materials are not suitable for machine washing. We recommend taking the curtains to a professional dry cleaner and specifying a dry-cleaning process that is gentle on the fabric. This approach will help maintain their top condition. Hand washing is an option at a low temperature. Afterwards, hang the curtains to air dry. It's important to note that certain products, including curtains, window pelmets, and cushions, are non-returnable as they are customized for each order per the customer's request.


Why buy your curtains at Truckjunkie?

Ordering your window pelmets and curtains from Truckjunkie offers several advantages:
  • Competitive pricing;
  • Swift delivery;
  • Pick-up option in Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands.

Truck decor and combination offers

If you're looking for cushions that complement your curtains and window pelmets, explore our customizable Alcantara and Danish plush cushions. You also have the option to order your curtain set, window pelmets, and cushions all together at our store.

Order a complete set


Truckjunkie: We share your passion!

Your cabin is your second home. Elevate your truck's style with curtains and other related products offered by Truckjunkie. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can send an email to or fill out our contact form.

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