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Let the world know you're here! Attract attention with high-quality airhorns from BASURI®, Nedking, or Hadley. We offer a wide selection of airhorns for your truck, available in different lengths and colors, each with its distinctive sound. Choose a new sound today.


Which airhorn suits your style?

At Truckjunkie, we offer a variety of airhorns with unique sounds, including the Macarena, James Bond soundtrack, and the funny Baby Shark tune. You'll also find Mission Impossible, The Final Countdown, and other cool melodies in our collection. Which tune shows your preference?


Who installs your truck's airhorn?

To ensure the optimal performance of a high-quality airhorn, we strongly recommend having it installed by a qualified technician. This guarantees its proper functionality. If you're purchasing an airhorn from Truckjunkie, please be mindful that the air supply for your truck should be in place as it is not included.


What are the benefits of an airhorn?

Airhorns serve more than just entertainment purposes; their appearance signifies your expertise. However, having an airhorn on your truck offers additional advantages:
  • Safety: an airhorn is audible from a considerable distance. You use it to warn other road users in emergency situations. Its deafening sound captures attention and keeps everyone alert;
  • Communication: radio signals don't always hold up on the highway, but the sound of a powerful airhorn certainly does. With an airhorn on your truck, you can easily convey a message to fellow drivers, whether it's during an overtaking maneuver or a simple greeting.


Find everything you need at Truckjunkie

While an airhorn is a vital addition to your truck, we go beyond being just a horn supplier. Our online store presents a diverse range of premium truck accessories. Explore options like personalized license plate holders, window light bars, striking multicolored lighting, and various high-quality truck styling products to personalize your vehicle.

At Truckjunkie, we truly offer everything you can imagine in the realm of truck styling, both for the interior and exterior. We understand your interests; we share your passion!


Advantages of purchasing an airhorn from Truckjunkie

Acquiring your airhorn from our online store brings several benefits:
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Swift delivery.
  • A 14-day return policy.
  • The possibility of in-person pickup in The Netherlands.


Want to learn more about airhorns?

If you'd like to learn more about airhorns, we're just a WhatsApp message away! Add our number today: +316 - 2485 6199.

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